Leaders in Traditional and Prefab Construction Solutions

PDM Constructors is an all-in-one specialty contractor with multidisciplinary capabilities and a consistent record of safety. We’re committed to bringing innovation and high-quality, cost-efficient solutions to commercial construction projects.

A Versatile Specialty Contractor

From preconstruction services to modular manufacturing, drywall, carpentry, millwork, and more, our diverse capabilities go beyond what traditional commercial specialty contractors can offer.


Our prefab shop leverages the latest technologies to condense timelines and ensure quality and safety.


Our talented carpenters have years of experience, broad skill sets, and unmatched problem-solving expertise.


Our shop fabricates millwork, casework, running trim, solid-surface countertops, resin panels, wood storefronts, and custom designs.

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A Passion for Performance

As a multidisciplinary specialty contractor, we are committed to continuously learning, evolving our skills, and finding creative and scalable solutions to meet our customers’ needs. We’ve been pushing the envelope and elevating the industry for more than 21 years — and we’ve only just gotten started.

Learn About Our Expertise

PDM Constructors powers the Durapods brand of prefabricated bathrooms. A turnkey solution for commercial construction projects that helps deliver results faster and more safely than traditional methods, Durapods are one more way we’re leading innovation in the construction industry.

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