Fireproofing & Firestopping

PDM is an FM 4991 Firestop Contractor and a member of the Firestop Contractors International Association (FCIA) with the expertise and capabilities to be the single-source fireproofing contractor on any project in any market.

We offer a holistic approach to fire protection and are capable of providing spray fireproofing and firestopping as well as quality installation of everything from fire-rated MEP penetrations to fire-rated joints, non-rated walls, edge of slab, and curtain wall insulation/firestop.

As an FM 4991 Firestop Contractor, we employ a Designated Responsible Individual (DRI) with the expertise to lump-sum-budget any single-source firestop project and manage projects to completion while working closely with the local inspection agencies.

PDM is also STI Firestop FIT Level 2 certified and a Hilti Accredited Firestop Specialty Contractor (HAFSC).

Spray Fireproofing

PDM was responsible for the spray fireproofing of the tallest building and the largest hospital building in Philadelphia. Whether your project is complicated and requires multiple pieces of equipment or you’re looking to patch existing spray fireproofing, PDM is poised to handle all your spray fireproofing needs.


An FCIA member, PDM is the premier firestopping contractor in the commercial and industrial marketplace, specializing in thorough penetration firestopping, fire-resistive joints, perimeter fire containment systems, curtain wall insulation, smoke sealants, and acoustical sealants.

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